10 ways to learn with dice

Dice are a fantastic resource for learning and children just love playing with them. Obviously you can use them in their basic form but also, there are other possibilities to explore learning outside of number skills. Firstly, I use dice lots in my activities because they help children begin to develop subitising skills. Subitising is... Continue Reading →

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10 counting ideas

Learning to count is one of the first stepping stones in gaining knowledge of number needed for further Maths skills. Reciting numbers in order comes first and often this is learnt by singing nursery rhymes and songs. The next key skill is 1:1 correspondence where numbers are attached to specific quantities or objects to show... Continue Reading →

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10 ways to practise spellings

Firstly, I'd like to start by saying that spelling has always been a difficulty of mine. I was always horrendous at school and even now have to check spellings constantly. Therefore I understand that not all children can learn a list of spellings in the same way. Putting spellings to memory can be easier if... Continue Reading →

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10 toilet roll activities

I often get asked what the best learning resources are and where to buy them but in all honesty you don’t really need anything special. I often create activities with things I already have around the house. Much to my husband’s annoyance, I collect things like left over Amazon boxes, bubble wrap, ice cream tubs... Continue Reading →

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10 ways to learn shapes

In Early Years the introduction to shape is all about exploring and playing with different shapes to begin to understand and recognise their properties. When introducing shapes, try to allow children to see them in different orientations and sizes. As well as regular (all sides and angles equal), try and include varieties of triangles, hexagons,... Continue Reading →

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Let’s get ready for school!

So, the school places are out and this is the time of year that many parents begin to think about how they can prepare their little ones for school. This year, I am no different; Emilia is starting school! She couldn't be more excited if she tried, she's been talking about going to school for... Continue Reading →

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10 ways to learn to add

As a teacher, I have to say my favourite thing to teach is Maths. I’ve always had a passion for it, probably ingrained in me by my wonderful Grandpa and his brilliant Maths magic tricks he used to show me as a child. Whilst out in Shanghai visiting schools, as part of a Maths Hub... Continue Reading →

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10 Learning to read activities

Emilia has been interested in reading for a while and she has a few phonically decodable books but most of her reading practise has been through practical games and activities. It is proven that one of the most effective ways to learn to read is through phonics. Phonics is not as daunting as many parents... Continue Reading →

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10 Christmas activities and crafts

Christmas 2020 is definitely going to be different this year because of the global pandemic. With Santa visits being cancelled and family gatherings up in the air, it is more important than ever to spread some Christmas cheer. So let's inject some fun for the children with fun activities, crafts and baking to get in... Continue Reading →

10 ways to learn letters

Emilia has been working on her letter recognition for about a year now. I have taught her letter names and sounds at the same time but more often than not she will say the sound a letter makes. We have purely worked on this through play and having fun together and it’s never been forced.... Continue Reading →

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